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Why Ergo Concepts?


    • Ergo Concepts, LLC is a creative and dynamic company that brings together a working knowledge of human factors and ergonomic principles in a user-friendly manner.  It is our goal to provide innovative ergonomic consulting to ensure the greatest possible fit between the worker and the tasks they perform on a daily basis.  We take a proactive approach in order to maximize corporate quality and productivity in addition to employee safety and well-being.  We strive to promote quality and innovation in a team oriented, congenial manner.When employee’s log complaints about ergonomics it is usually because they’re already experiencing discomfort, or they’re concerned about the potential for injury.  We feel that our staff of experienced ergonomists and medical professionals is therefore uniquely positioned to work with employees in proving work place ergonomic solutions.  As such Ergo Concepts staff is primarily medical: Physical and Occupational Therapists, Certified Nurse Practitioners or Occupational Health Professionals.  These individuals are uniquely qualified.  In addition to their expertise as ergonomists they have a thorough understanding of the human body’s neuro-musculoskeletal system, injury, disability and rehabilitation as well as the interpersonal communication skills necessary to succeed as an ergo coach and educator.  We operate under the premise that every employee is unique and brings with them their own personal challenges and their own ideas about success and prevention.  We’re also comfortable in assessing those individuals currently in treatment with MDs, Allied Health Professionals, Chiropractors and other specialists and are accustomed to a collaborative “team” approach.

      Collectively we belong to such groups as: The American Physical Therapy Association, The American Occupational Therapy Association, The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, & Various Boards of Medicine.  Many of our ergonomists also hold specialists certifications from the various state medical boards and holder certification in ergonomics via continuing education from such groups as the Back School of Atlanta and Roy Matheson and Associates.

      Ergo Concepts, LLC is a 100% women owned small business and S Corporation operating under the laws of the State of Maryland and the State of California.

      For our government clients we are listed on the GSA Schedule (71 II K; #GS29F-0025R)