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Consulting Services

Workspace Planning:

A move to a new office or worksite presents an ideal opportunity to minimize the potential for injuries and lost productivity. Briotix Health can work with your design/architectural experts during the planning phase to help ensure an ergonomically sound workspace arrangement.

Optimized Workplace Product Selection:
Briotix Health can help you select the appropriate furniture and equipment to reduce and prevent work-related MSDs. Our expertise can help ensure you make your decision based not on aesthetics or price, but on functionality and “bang for the buck.”

Workplace Design Planning Services:

    • Space Planning: Working together with your design/architectural experts, Briotix Health will help you create an ergonomically sound workspace arrangement. By thinking in terms of ergonomics during the design phase you will minimize your potential for injury due to faulty layout.


    • Product Selection: Working together with your furniture and equipment selection team Briotix Health will guide you through the purchasing process in order to find and adjust the most appropriate furniture and accessories suited for your business and the job tasks required of your staff. Our knowledge of the latest offerings in various types of furniture and accessories will take the guesswork out of important decisions affecting workplace ergonomics.


    • Report Generation: Comprehensive reports are generated to specify precisely what current ergonomic risk factors are evident in employee postures, habits or in workstation and equipment selection and implementation. Budget-tuned abatement methods are provided with suggested products, workstation configuration or work practice modifications.


    • Chart Review/Corporate Review: Briotix Health is available to review employee files in order to pinpoint areas of potential ergonomic risk. We are also available to do a general “walk-through” to determine areas of potential ergonomic risk.


    • Additional Services: Working with your staff, we’re able to help develop an ongoing ergonomics program and assist as you grow and develop your program. This may include development of new-hire programs, ergonomic allowance programs, ergonomic committee guides, ergonomic newsletters; computer based training modules, intranet services, etc.


Additional Consulting Services:

  • Custom Shoe Orthotics
  • Job Site Analysis/Walk-Through
  • Chart Review
  • Physical Job Descriptions
  • Focus Group Interviews

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Having an ergonomics professional onsite has allowed our organization to better meet the needs of our employees. The discomfort is addressed early.

The expertise provided by our ergonomics specialist ensures that proper adjustments and products are provided. This allows for a coordinated effort between facilities and procurement. Costs are reduced by the elimination of unnecessary purchases of products.

I have appreciated having an onsite ergonomics professionals to our team. Her expertise in repetitive strain injury, product knowledge, and sensitivity to our employees has added value to our range of customer service. Our employees’ needs are addressed in a timely manner with fewer questions regarding justification of costs.

Briotix Health has provided long-standing and consistent ergonomic consulting services at our organization. The expertise of the consultant has allowed for more coordinated effort between Facilities and Procurement, all benefiting our employees.

Andrew - Facilities Team Manager