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ERGO Training & Seminars

We reinforce ergonomic and workplace safety principals through comprehensive educational training sessions.  We offer a wide variety of trainings, conducted through on-site Power Point or in webinar format. Attendees are educated on neutral work postures and learn how to make their individual work station work.  Trainings are a springboard to making a lasting change in the way employees conceptualize, organize, and perform their work. Choose from our most popular seminars or work with us to tailor a training specific to your office and work population.  Many clients combine learning units with ergonomic sweep style evaluations.  Request more information here.

Our most popular seminar topics include:

Prevention Through Workstation Design” (Our most popular). Repetitive stress injuries have become one of the nation’s leading causes of lost work days. It’s critical that workers involved in repetitive work tasks learn how to effectively arrange their work space and adapt their work postures.  In this comprehensive one-hour “Lunch & Learn” session, attendees discover the ergonomic red flags that may be present in their work environments and learn how to eliminate or reduce their exposure to these potentially dangerous factors.

Another popular seminar is “Deskercise: Exercises at Your Desk” Approximately 70% of the American workforce sits on the job. Even perfect posture, if it is sustained, is not healthy! Find out why it’s important to provide movement and blood flow to the body. In this one-hour “Lunch & Learn,” our ergonomist discuss and demonstrate the how’s and whys of proper stretching and strengthening exercise. Participants are lead through a series of easy-to-learn stretching and strengthening exercises for the upper and lower back, neck, wrists, forearms, shoulders and legs.

Common Workplace Injuries: learn why risk factors such as repetitive motion and awkward postures may contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders and what the more common work injuries are.  We will discuss the more common workplace injuries such as: stiff and sore muscles, tension neck syndrome, herniated discs, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, de quervain syndrome, degenerative disc disease.  Learn what you can do to help minimize your potential for these injuries.

“Lifting Techniques”  – Realizing that materials handling can be one of the most dangerous job tasks, and that injuries sustained while lifting can become one of the most costly for organizations, it’s imperative that employees involved in lifting tasks be routinely trained on the proper techniques. Employees will learn how to lift based on the type of material to be lifted, how to plan for a lift and how to organize the work area when lifting is involved.

Other trainings include Lab Ergonomics, Train the Trainer and How to Adjust Your Chair. Additional topics can be tailor-made to the client’s needs and goals

Request more information below and we will follow up with more specific information to meet your needs.