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Cardinus – Healthy Working

Self-Administered Ergonomic Training through,
Cardinus – Healthy Working

Ergo Concepts is a distributer of Cardinus which is a breakthrough new software package for managing enterprise wide ergonomics programs. Employees use Cardinus as a first step to improving the ergonomics of their work environment.  The process is informative, intuitive and instructional, encouraging employees to make changes as they progress through the program.  From a management standpoint Cardinus gives you never before available tools providing an unprecedented ability to see what is happening with employees’ ergonomics status, right now.  Instead of playing a guessing game on where to focus or chasing injuries, you are now able to get ahead of the problem and put a focused effort into injury prevention.

Cardinus is a leading health, safety and risk management specialist offering a range of solutions for all areas of your business.

Welcome to Healthy Working, the world’s leading office ergonomics e-learning and self-assessment solution developed by Cardinus Risk Management. Healthy Working will help you reduce the administration of your ergonomics program, while improving productivity and reducing injury related discomfort. The partnership between Cardinus and our international partners has resulted in many features unique to Healthy Working, designed to truly revolutionize the way you achieve results with ergonomics.

For almost 20 years solutions from Cardinus have been selected as the systems of choice by many of the world’s leading organizations. We support an impressive number of global systems, including many Fortune 500 businesses.


How does Healthy Working help me?

Healthy Working uses a three-step process to reduce your ergonomics risk.

Step 1. Ergonomics e-learning and self-assessment

Each of your employees will receive e-learning content that targets their individual needs. Cardinus has worked to provide content that encourages measurable behavior change. An integrated self-assessment allows for further dedicated feedback. Up to 60% of your risk will be resolved at this stage.


Step 2. Communication and nudges

Healthy Working provides video-based stretching exercises, smart phone applications, mobile working advice and real-time feedback and support ensuring your program is proactive and encourages your employees to participate and take ownership of their comfort.


Step 3. PACE

You and your ergonomics team can use the powerful Cardinus management module, PACE, to resolve the small amount of outstanding risk that cannot be managed by the employee directly. This ensures intervention is targeted, appropriate and results-driven.

A personalized experience for all

Healthy Working delivers e-learning that is tailored to the needs of each individual employee through a number of variants.

Variants include content for the following users:

  • Desktop PC
  • Laptop
  • Desktop and laptop user
  • Tablet
  • Laboratory ergonomics
  • Student/young person
  • Ergomonics advocates

Where needed, each variant addresses further user requirements by including content for new and expectant mothers, multiple monitor users, smart phone use and more.

Healthy Working Brochure

US Student Brochure


An employee will lose a minimum of 33% performance per hour due to physical stress of 50% or more.

One study estimates that 29% of employees are at 50% stress or more. This equated to $1616 of lost payroll per employee per month and $2,372,287 lost wages per month. $28,467,456/year.

Cardinus - Healthy Work