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ERGO Evaluations

When it comes to ergonomics, there’s no solution that’s “one-size-fits-all.” Everybody is unique, each workstation is different, and each job comes with its own set of risks. By creating the best possible fit between the worker and the tasks they perform on a daily basis, organizations can be sure that employees stay healthy, comfortable and productive. Whether you choose from our on-site ergonomic evaluations or one of our web evaluation options, this is a vital first step in helping employees feel better and shape their own ideal workspace.

Level One is a, concise and effective option when an individualized approach is necessary. In just 20 minutes modifications are suggested “on the spot” to promote a better fit between the worker and their workstation. Designed for the low-risk and symptom free employee, this is a particularly effective way to evaluate individual employees. In addition, Level One is useful when upgrading office equipment, renovating or relocating. Level One will qualify as a  good faith-effort under OSHA.

Protective Evaluations

Level Two evaluations are a comprehensive 45-60 minute individual workstation evaluation which includes a detailed report with phots, posture analysis, self-directed symptom survey and recommendations. Level Two evals are appropriate for employees with complaints of work-related pain/discomfort, employees with doctor’s notes for an ergo eval and for those returning from surgery or injury and for those participating in ongoing medical care such as physical, occupational or chiropractic care.  They may also be appropriate for groups of individuals in ergonomic “red flag” areas (data entry, call centers, materials handling, etc.). “Protective” evaluations are designed to reduce and/or eliminate current complaints and prevent future incidents.  For remote employees these may be done through photo uploads and conference calling.

Follow Up
These visits are designed to ensure workstation recommendations and equipment modifications have been implemented properly. Individuals who received either a mini or formal evaluation in the past will be re-visited by an ergonomist. The visit will last 10-15 minutes. A short questionnaire is administered to indicate if further action is needed and is attached to the initial evaluation.

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Did you know: An employee will lose a minimum of 33% performance per hour due to physical stress of 50% or more. One study estimates that 29% of employees are at 50% stress or more. This equated to $1616 of lost payroll per employee per month and $2,372,287 lost wages per month. $28,467,456/year.