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Organizational Experience

Ergo Concepts, LLC is part of Briotix Health, a creative and dynamic company that brings together a working knowledge of human factors and ergonomic principles in a user-friendly manner.  It is our goal to provide innovative ergonomic consulting to ensure the greatest possible fit between the worker and the tasks they perform on a daily basis.  We take a proactive approach in order to maximize corporate quality and productivity in addition to employee safety and well-being.  We strive to promote quality and innovation in a team oriented, congenial manner.


Our consulting capabilities both with employees and management continue to expand in the areas of workstation evaluations: typical office settings, industrial environments, shipping and receiving, warehouses, scientific labs, and hospitals, furniture and equipment recommendations, seminars and staff in-servicing, OSHA and ADA compliance, as well as design/build projects (blue print and space configuration).  Drawing from our background in physical therapy and our expertise as certified ergonomists, we have a proven track record in assisting both the “healthy” and “symptomatic” employee as well as employees with disabilities.  We have a highly talented staff of health care professionals as well as a cadre of expert consultants in a wide range of related fields.  Ergo Concepts is listed with the General Services Administration (GSA) as a provider of ergonomic services to the federal government, #GS-29F-0025R.


Ergo Concepts provide services on an “on call” basis for as few as 1-2 employees at a time, up to large scale project development and management for corporate clients serving thousands of employees.  We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your ideas, challenges and objectives in order to design a program suitable for  your organizations needs and to promote a safe and healthful working environment for employees.

Did you know: An employee will lose a minimum of 33% performance per hour due to physical stress of 50% or more. One study estimates that 29% of employees are at 50% stress or more. This equated to $1616 of lost payroll per employee per month and $2,372,287 lost wages per month. $28,467,456/year.