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About Us

Ergo Concepts LLC joined Briotix Health in 2015. We specialize in improving the fit between workers and the tasks they perform on a daily basis. Our approach is to provide knowledgeable and responsive ergonomic coaches who can provide lasting solutions, working together with our client partners and end-users to maximize comfort and productivity. Our proactive approach to office, lab and industrial ergonomics and our customized solutions allows clients to maximize corporate productivity and enhance employee safety and well-being. We strive to promote quality and innovation in a team-oriented, congenial manner. To this end we say it is a win-win-win (employee-employer-ergonomist).
Originally founded in 2001 by Dr. Julie Landis, DPT, CEES, Ergo Concepts, LLC was headquartered in Germantown, MD, just north of Washington DC, with an additional location in San Francisco, CA. Julie is now the VP of Business Development at Briotix Health.  Our ergonomic consulting capabilities, addressing employee and management needs, continue to expand in the areas of in: general office ergonomics consulting, workstation ergonomics (office ergonomics, industrial ergonomics, and lab ergonomic evaluations), seminars (lunch and learn and train the trainer), human resources training classes, health and safety classes, OSHA and ADA compliance, industrial ergonomics, and hospital ergonomic evaluations  (radiology reading rooms, nursing stations and more), ergonomic furniture and equipment recommendation consulting and specification for move and renovation projects, as well as design/build projects (blueprint and space configuration).
Drawing from our background in physical and occupational therapy and our expertise as certified ergonomists, we have a proven track record in assisting both the “healthy” and “symptomatic” employee as well as employees with disabilities, those needing assistance with ADA accommodation. Ergonomic Consulting services are provided by our certified and experienced staff of health care specialists, as well as a cadre of expert consultants in a wide range of related fields. Ergo Concepts is listed with the General Services Administration (GSA) as a provider of ergonomic services, #GS-29F-0025R.

Briotix Health works clearly shows how ergonomics impact production flow, life safety, facility operations, and operation costs.

James, Director - Leading Call Center